Halifax Plays Co-ed Softball/Ball Hockey Summer Season

With the summer approaching the HalifaxPlays Softball and Ball hockey leagues are starting up. For those wondering HalifaxPlays is a non profit volunteer organization which promotes low cost sports for youth and adults in the Halifax area. Because it's all volunteer ran it's very affordable and from my own experience (I started last year) very fun and well organized.

An entire season of Softball is 45 dollars no tax, 5 of which will be donated to charity of your choice. The season spans 14 weeks and one tournament day, you will be playing once a week at least (Monday or Wednesday 6-7:30 7:30-9).

You can register here: http://www.halifaxplays.com/softball/register games are played at the commons and if you have friends you'd like to play with you can list them in your registration and we will accommodate you.

Ball hockey is Tuesdays games run 6-7:30 7:30-9 and are 5 on 5 at the Gorsebrook Park, I've only played in the Fall league and I'm not much of a hockey player, but it was good fun for me to get active during the winter so I registered for the summer hockey as well. Hockey is 50 dollars, 5 dollars going to a sports/activity related charity of your choice and runs 10 weeks + playoffs.

You can register for ball hockey here: http://www.halifaxplays.com/ballhockey/register

If you have any questions you can email - Softball - [email protected] Ball hockey -[email protected]

Or join the HalifaxPlays softball facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/halifaxplayssoftball/

Or respond here and I'll do my best to get you an answer!

If you're unable to afford the registration fee for either league please feel free to email the league organizer and they will make accommodations so you can play.


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