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Welcome To Our New Ally Network

What is an Ally?

An Ally is someone who accepts, appreciates and celebrates lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer(LGBTQ) youth. Allies can be of any sexual orientation or gender identity. They work together to help put an end to discrimination and fear, and work to make Nova Scotia a safer place. Allies can be anyone who works with youth or who has youth in their lives. They could be parents, teachers, social workers, youth workers, doctors, nurses, guidance counsellors, principals, police officers, etc. The list is endless.

Allies are an important part of the fight to end homophobia and transphobia. They are valuable resources and support to LGBTQ youth. An important part of ending the isolation felt by LGBTQ youth is not only to provide them with opportunities to meet other youth, but with the opportunity to interact with and seek support from adult allies.

What is the Ally Network?

Youth repeatedly report that they are not able to identify the adult support people around them. Fear of homophobia and transphobia often prevents youth from trying to access support. The Ally Network helps identify safe, supportive people. It does so by providing Allies with a card to display in their space identifying them as a safe and supportive person.

Another purpose of the Ally Network is to make sure that Allies feel supported in the work that they do and that they have the most updated information, and news about what is going on in the province.

How to get involved?

In order to become an Ally you must first have the desire to support and work with lesbian, gay, bisexual ,transgender, and queer youth. The next step is fill out the application. This application allows us to learn a little bit about you and why you would like to become and Ally. At the end of the application there is a contract stating that you understand what being an Ally means and the importance of being a member of the program. Once approved you are sent an email with your login that you can use to enter the network and access resources and information. You will have an Ally card mailed to you to display in your work area.

The Ally Network is open to all people who work with youth, have youth in their lives, or see youth as part of their overall work. Youth Allies are also welcome! The Network is province wide.

Benefits of being an Ally:

Allies gain access to our Ally Network website area that includes

  • Up to date news about the Youth Project and awesome things going on around the province
  • Resources
  • Information on upcoming workshops
  • The ability to search for allies in your communities and regions
  • Direct line to the Ally Network Coordinator

As an Ally you make yourself visible to LGBTQ youth who may not otherwise know who is safe. You also make yourself visible to the Youth Project so that we can let youth know you are there. Being an Ally joins you with other Allies in your work setting and around the province. Together you can work for change, share in development opportunities and look to one another for support. Being an Ally sends a strong message that you respect and value LGBTQ people.

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