The Signal: NSTU, province headed to bargaining table

Education Minister Karen Casey (left) in February. The NSTU and province will head back to the bargaining table after agreeing to conciliation on Thursday (photo credit: Kathleen Munro)


The Nova Scotia Teacher's Union are in talks with the province with hopes that the teachers will avoid a strike on December 3rd. From Bronwen McKie at The Signal

“Education is a priority and we do not want to see a disruption in classrooms across the province,” said Education Minister Karen Casey in a news release on Thursday. “We have said all along we will listen and work to address teachers’ concerns.”

Casey’s negotiation team asked a conciliator to help resolve the contract dispute. Conciliation officer Jarrod Baboushkin contacted the NSTU Thursday morning to invite the two sides together again and the NSTU accepted the offer Thursday afternoon.

To read the full story, you can check it out on The  Signal: Keep checking lokol Halifax for more news on the teachers' strike. 


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The teachers and province are back at the negotiating table with hopes to avoid the first teachers' strike in Nova Scotia's history.
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